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Realtime visibility of agreements from handshake-to-outcome

Stay ahead of the curve and shine a light on new opportunities

​BridgingX enables business teams to gain real-time visibility of revenue, performance, commercial risk and other metrics such as ESG.


​Learn how we can help you prevent revenue leakage, move 4x faster and better manage customer and supplier relationships.

A better way to keep control of commerical operations

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Why choose BridgingX?

A single source of the truth for the whole team

Place real time visibilty and control at the heart of team interactions, bringing the easy precision and speed that are the enablers of true organisational agility.

Works with the systems you already have

Our platform is designed to integrate with and maximise the  investments your have already made in CRM, supplier management, ERP  finance and contract management solutions.

A step-by-step approach to better visibility

We work with our customers to help them formulate and deliver against an incremental improvements plan, focussed on realising the areas of greatest benefits next.

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