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A Unified CommOps Platform Designed for the Relationship Economy
Replace inefficient guesswork with data driven agility

Manage customer relationships throughout the life of the contract.

Improve your team's ability to work in unison and at pace.

Enhance efficiency and improve your operating resilience.


Move beyond spreadsheets and SharePoint*
Shift to data-driven decision making using a single source of truth on performance, revenue and risk.

BridgingX dashboard

Unlock business potential.
Move to the BridgingX unified CommOps plat

Better Relationships with Customers. Stronger Brand

Gain strategic customer insights and fortify risk mitigation with BridgingX. Our unified cloud-based solution empowers your business with actionable data and robust safeguards, ensuring confident decisions and lasting success.

A Single Vantage Point Across all Teams

Strengthen Operational Resilience

Enhance collaboration and communication across your organisation by gaining a single source of truth, boosting agility and resilience. Elevate visibility into agreements, bringing a dynamic and responsive business environment

Streamline your commercial operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity with BridgingX. Our unified cloud-based solution simplifies complex processes, so you can focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward..

How can you get started? Download this CxO guide to better through-life relationship management.

Deals in Motion BridgingX.png

BridgingX solves many commercial management headaches for us. It’s clearly been built by people who understand the complexity of navigating the multiple different stakeholders involved in executing and managing agreements through-life.

Managing Director, Leading UK Professional Services Provider

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