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Realtime visibility of commercial relationships from handshake-to-outcome

A new vantage point

Effective management of any business requires real-time visibility of all commercial deals from the moment of handshake to the moment of delivery or receipt.

BridgingX offers a coherent and actionable flow of information across your organisation, enabling executive focus to shift from liabilities to opportunities, oversight to foresight and risk into reward.

Reveal new sources of competitive advantage

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Why choose BridgingX?

Use our platform to gain mastery over all your Deals-in-Motion

Placing real time insights and co-operation at the heart of team interactions brings the precision and speed that are the enablers of true organisational agility.

No more misunderstandings or missed events. Give your teams more time to act.

We can help you unlock the benefits of a new way of operating

Our expert platform and services team can work with you to establish the greatest areas of benefit and prioritise a plan to realise them.

Use our CommOps assessment to build the business case and gain buy-in and alignment across your organisation.

Develop a new and dynamic source of competitive advantage

With up to 9%* of bottom line leaked due to poor commercial process, BridgingX helps combat the silo effect. 

Comprehensive oversight of your buy and sell side portfolios will reveal new client and geographic market opportunities. 

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