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Dynamic, Resilient Commercial
Replace inefficiency and guesswork with confidence, clarity and  flexibility

Gain visibility and control of all commercial agreements as they evolve between handshake and outcome.

Move beyond using spreadsheets and shared drives to manage the most important asset in your business.


Give your whole team a moment-by-moment view of operational performance, risk and revenue

BridgingX dashboard

Why move commercial operations to a unified cloud platform?

Elevate Operating Performance

Harness the power of data with BridgingX's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Gain valuable insights into commercial operations, contract performance and customer interactions. Use these insights to make informed decisions and identify growth opportunities.

Gain Immediate Competitive Advantage

Experience a 10x boost in operational efficiency by automating manual processes, eliminating silos, and optimising workflows. BridgingX's automation capabilities and integrated platform reduce time-consuming tasks and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

Take early advantage of AI

Imagine an AI model trained to your commercial portfolio. By unified your commercial operations, you also bring together your agreement data into once place and in a standardised format, ready for AI. Discover the growth opportunties hiding in plain sight.

How can you get started? Download this CxO guide for getting started on your cloud CommOps journey.

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BridgingX solves many commercial management headaches for us. It’s clearly been built by people who understand the complexity of navigating the multiple different stakeholders involved in executing and managing agreements through-life.

Managing Director, Leading UK Professional Services Provider

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