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Commercial relationships move at pace and contract lifecycle management tools cannot keep up.
Gain control of your agreement data and commercial processes using one integrated software platform.

Keep up, stay connected and uncover new value creation opportunities by putting Deal Science at the heart of your operation.

The Bridge is an integrated commercial operations platform  seamlessly connecting people, process and data.

Deliver unmatched control and real-time intelligence to your teams.

BridgeX dashboard

10x more efficient than CLM solutions.
But that's just the beginning

See what you couldn't see

Track commercial performance, see hidden risks, reveal revenue leakage and spot new business opportunities.

Build brand & relationships

Live and precise oversight of all agreements builds trust in your brand from handshake-to-outcome.

Evolve your market offering

Offer new value to your customers by using Bridge APIs to extend your product and service offerings in  differentiating ways.

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