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Achieve a strategic advantage and peace of mind by having immediate access to the critical commercial data you need to make informed decisions.

BridgingX benefits CEOs by providing you a single view of all commercial relationships shared across all teams.

Automating workflow and approvals creates both a 10x improvement in process performance and delivers real-time visibility into relationships and key performance metrics.

This enables CEOs to make smarter decisions, improve working relationships, and master risk and compliance - all while saving time and reducing costs. With BridgingX, you have have peace of mind knowing that your contract and commercial operations is under control.

Role benefits CEO's BridgingX


Role benefits COO's BridgingX

BridgingX empowers COOs to lead effectively in a business environment where organisations are increasingly reliant on complex networks of providers and partners in the delivery of exceptional customer experience.

BridgingX benefits Chief Operating Officer by providing a centralised location for all operational documents, automating operational workflow and approvals, and offering real-time visibility into key operational performance metrics.

This enables you to manage and reduce operational risks, improve operational efficiency and productivity, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and make data-driven decisions.

With BridgingX, you can effectively manage and monitor "as-a-service" providers, leading to better supplier management, cost savings, and improved service levels.


Identify and eliminate the losses that come from a lack of end-to-end oversight of the commercial process.

BridgingX allows the management of financial risks and highlights the losses between contract, invoicing and receivables. Creating a block-chain enabled ledger of every piece of data, information and correspondence impacting a deal as it moves through its term. Enabling the understanding of the costs, deal profitability and cash flow through the terms of a deal, the Bridge promotes the ownership of crucial business intelligence.

Role benefits CFO's  BridgingX
Role benefits CCO's  BridgingX


Deliver your customers a modern digital experience and bring yourself the data you need to manage the relationship better than ever.

BridgingX gives unparalleled access to cross-team data within an organisation and the agreements that have been established with clients and partners. The Bridge helps ensure that the terms of a deal work throughout the life of the commercial and contractual relationship. Seamlessly integrating digital into commercial practices, it allows the harnessing and exploitation of all data-rich partnerships; this use of analytics improves, strengthens and protects business relationships.

CTO's & CIO's

CTO's & CIO's

Join the dots between the front middle and back offices to give you oversight and needed to deliver with greater control and precision.

BridgingX offers many benefits for CIOs and CTOs. By streamlining the entire contract process, providing real-time insights, and facilitating collaboration, our platform enhances operational efficiency and productivity. The platform's use of APIs allows for easy integration with other systems, providing greater flexibility and expanding capabilities. With compliance assurance and reduced costs, our platform optimises business outcomes and decision-making.

Role benefits CTO's and CIO's  BridgingX
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