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Deal Science
From fragmented contract management to strategic control and intelligence from handshake-to-outcome. 

Many businesses struggle to maintain real time oversight of their commercial agreements. This leads

Organisations are defined by their agreements

We know that the more digital our markets become, the harder it is to keep up with the precise status of buy and sell-side contracts and the agreements they underpin. So many different departments and systems are involved that maintaining anything close to realtime oversight and control is a constant challenge. Executives are left flying blind in respect of the most fundamental aspect of doing business – the agreements their organisation enters into with the market.

Visibility is a requirement for managing performance

With more commerce conducted digitally, organisations have the challenging task of orchestrating an increasingly complex and fragmented operating structure. Today’s commercial management is in support of a continuous fluid motion of digitally mediated interactions between customer and provider. In response, deal terms and cross-organisational teams must be more elastic and adaptive to these movements. Deals are always in motion.

It's time to move on from the old way of operating

Traditional commerical management approaches are not fit for purpose and must evolve to meet the requirements of today's increasingly digital environment. Static written contracts represent only a moment in time when the terms of a deal need to keep working throughout the life of every agreement. Standalone systems and processes for agreement formation, authorisation, delivery management and financial reconciliation lead to process inefficiency, leaked value, multiple opportunities for human error and a lack of easily accessed progress visibility.

How to begin your CommOps journey

We have used our business understanding to devise a platform and approach that can help you understand the bigger picture.  Our team works to build a simple, comprehensive and integrated adoption approach that delivers a clear path forward and CommOps journey. Whether starting with process transformation, resolving value leakage, increasing velocity or enhancing control, we work together to find the maximum point of leverage.

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