It's Time to Move on

Our vision is to provide business executives with the oversight and control of all deals in motion. The current way of managing commercial agreements through life is outdated and unfit for a world in which circumstances constantly shift. The information needed to support timely decision making are scattered across a plethora of systems and information silos.


The result? Executives are left flying blind. BridgingX has been set up to help organisations establish a better way of operating.

The Speed of Change

Organisations are increasingly required to be agile, responsive and adaptive. For every deal, commercial terms are agreed, based upon assumptions of future performance. These inform contractual terms. But they encapsulate only a moment in time. The terms of a deal need to work throughout the life of the commercial and contractual relationship. 


Because deals move. They evolve, based upon commercial progress. So, deal terms need to be more elastic and adaptive to those movements. Because Deals are in Motion™

Our Vision

Most business is now conducted digitally. Cloud computing enables open channels of information flow, within and between organisations.

But the principal operating team in organisations operate in isolation and have little or no insight into each other’s optics. The back and forth of data can be bridged. To provide a common set of instruments across all teams. Individuals can each have active governance of their offices, whilst sharing visibility, reporting and accountability to a deal.

A Better Way of Operating

As with any ERP, BridgingX establishes a new systemic, dynamic and transparent operating model across offices; ensures the optimal leverage of deal terms. 


This unlocks all revenue within a deal in motion. Enabling the modelling of key ratios between sales, operations & finance, to reveal and predict both pinch points & accelerators of deals. Creating a new business as usual. A single flight deck, for stronger controls over all deals in motion. Enabling effective management of business momentum.

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