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Contract Intelligence and Automation, built for the age of AI

Effortless visibility and control for the whole team
Realtime visibility and control

Experience the power of real-time visibility and control with BridgingX.

Our platform provides instant access to critical contract information, ensuring that you stay informed and in control at all times.

Monitor contract status, key dates, and performance metrics with ease, empowering you to make informed decisions and take timely action to drive business success.

Never miss another renewal.

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One team, one source of truth

Experience the transformative power of unified visibility with BridgingX.


Our platform offers a single, authoritative source of truth for all teams, eliminating silos and ensuring alignment across your organisation.


Say goodbye to disjointed data and conflicting information – with BridgingX, everyone works from the same page, fostering collaboration, efficiency and confidence in decision-making.

AI-fuelled  contract analytics

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with BridgingX's Advanced Contract Analytics feature.

Benefit from AI-driven insights that uncover hidden patterns, trends and anomalies within your contract data.


By leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, BridgingX enables you to make data-driven decisions, mitigate risks and capitalise on new opportunities.

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ChatGPT for contracts

Unleash the power of conversational AI with BridgingX's ChatGPT for Contracts feature.


Seamlessly interact with your contract data using natural language processing, allowing for intuitive and efficient communication.


With OpenAI, users can easily retrieve contract information, generate reports and initiate actions through simple conversations.


Say goodbye to complex interfaces and hello to a more intuitive contract management experience.

Connect and integrate

Unlock seamless connectivity and integration across your ecosystem with BridgingX's Connect and Integrate capabilities.


Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise systems, enabling smooth data flow and synchronisation. Say goodbye to siloed data and disjointed workflows as BridgingX facilitates collaboration and streamlines processes across your organisation.


With Connect and Integrate, harness the power of interconnectedness to drive efficiency and unlock new possibilities for growth.

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CLM capabilities built in

With BridgingX, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) capabilities are seamlessly integrated into our platform, offering a comprehensive solution for managing your contract portfolio.


From contract creation to execution and renewal, our built-in CLM features streamline the entire contract lifecycle. Enjoy simplified contract drafting, automated approval workflows, and centralized contract repositories, all designed to enhance efficiency and mitigate risk.


Empower your team with intuitive CLM tools that drive productivity and ensure compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.


Automate Compliance

BridgingX's Compliance Automation feature establishes a comprehensive timeline for each deal, capturing every milestone from inception to conclusion.


As events unfold, the platform dynamically updates the timeline, ensuring accuracy and completeness.


This automated process guarantees real-time visibility into deal progress and compliance status, empowering users to proactively manage obligations and mitigate risks.

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Manage multiple entities

BridgingX enables seamless switching between multiple entities, simplifying the management of complex company structures and diverse geographical locations.


BridgingX facilitates efficient contract management across various entities or subsidiaries within an organisation's ecosystem.


This capability enhances organisational adaptability and ensures consistent compliance across the entire business network.


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